St. Leonard's Physio By the Bay

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Our Services

At St Leonards Physio by the Bay our aim is to provide “Best Practice,”

a combination of evidence-based treatment and advice, together with a client-centred approach.

In assessing your needs Neil will take a detailed history, taking into account your current and previous episodes, expectations and beliefs.  A clinical and functional assessment will then direct the following discussion about the management of your condition and available evidence-based treatment options. Where it is possible you will be advised of the range of options to enable your choice in how best to proceed with your treatment.

Once a management plan is agreed upon, treatment can take many forms depending on the individual differences, but over a course of treatment may include:

  • Mobilisation or manipulation (hands on treatment)
  • Specific active, or passive (assisted) exercises
  • Strengthening exercises (using weights, bands or body weight)
  • Clinical Pilates (reformer, trapeze, floor or Swiss ball)
  • Dry Needling
  • Development of strategies and lifestyle related activities, to assist in the short to medium term recovery phase & maintaining a long term, preventative aspect to your self-management.

In most cases you will be given written instructions of the agreed treatment plan and advice discussed on the day. To ensure you fully understand & remember, you may be encouraged to write the given instructions in your own words or even photograph / video details with your phone.

The follow-up recommendations will vary for individuals but will involve communication of goals, progress and outcome of management, with follow-up reviews & reassessment scheduled as required.


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